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A fun picket of their proposed site

Support local small business

Stop the new 7-11

Join us on Saturday April 28 from 5 to 7 pm. at Lombard & Richmond in a fun picket of their proposed site.

Click here for directions


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PhD Candidate, Organizational Communication, University of Colorado Boulder I study the intersections between postcolonial theory, institutional theory, and organizational discourse. My dissertation project involves understanding the indigenous perspective in forestry using communicative instutitionalism

One response to “A fun picket of their proposed site

  1. Ben Poe ⋅

    After two months of blocking this 7-11 from getting a license to sell alcohol the OLCC finally, despite the combined efforts of Occupy St Johns and the St Johns Neighborhood Assn, granted the license in February. We continue to picket, reminding folks that there are locally owned alternatives for their convenience shopping. Our current focus is to work to empower communities to limit the onslaught of formula businesses and corporate chain stores. We seek to foster an environment where Fair Trade and Free Enterprise can survive the juggernaut of Free Trade and Corporate Capitalism .

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