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Stop 7-eleven from opening new stores

We are concerned residents of St. Johns Portland, Or.

7-Eleven is planning to build their third store in less then a one mile radius which would total 8 convenience stores in that small area. We have collected over 2000 signatures from people who are opposed to 7 Eleven adding another one of it’s chain convenience stores to our area.

Our community has dealt with public drunkenness, shootings, assaults and robberies at and around the current 7 Elevens. The number of businesses offering liquor in our community has already made it difficult to address alcohol related problems. This third store is only blocks from our Elementary school and a well used bus stop. The notion of adding yet another store has many people in the St. Johns area very concerned for the direction of our neighborhood.



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PhD Candidate, Organizational Communication, University of Colorado Boulder I study the intersections between postcolonial theory, institutional theory, and organizational discourse. My dissertation project involves understanding the indigenous perspective in forestry using communicative instutitionalism

2 responses to “Stop 7-eleven from opening new stores

  1. Laurie King ⋅

    I am so proud and happy to be living in a neighborhood where we are not just accepting what is thrown at us, but are trying to make our lives better for ourselves and our families. Why should we have to accept another liquor outlet, traffic, noise and crime, just because 7Eleven , part of the 1%, wants to make more money for themselves? Is our lot in life to serve them???

  2. Fan-freaking-tastic Page!

    Thank you so much for creating this. I hope I can do my part when called upon because 7 11 is really a stain on my neighborhood. Just coming to the weekly meeting at 7 on Wednesday at Girosole feels like I’m giving back a little to a great big community.

    The slash in the title is very well done, bravo!

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