The New 7-11 Grand Opening

The New 7-11 Grand Opening

Occupy St. Johns welcomes the new 7-11 by speaking their minds.


Stop 7-eleven from opening new stores

We are concerned residents of St. Johns Portland, Or.

7-Eleven is planning to build their third store in less then a one mile radius which would total 8 convenience stores in that small area. We have collected over 2000 signatures from people who are opposed to 7 Eleven adding another one of it’s chain convenience stores to our area.

Our community has dealt with public drunkenness, shootings, assaults and robberies at and around the current 7 Elevens. The number of businesses offering liquor in our community has already made it difficult to address alcohol related problems. This third store is only blocks from our Elementary school and a well used bus stop. The notion of adding yet another store has many people in the St. Johns area very concerned for the direction of our neighborhood.